Nancy J. Helland, LMT
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"Nancy, I want to sincerely thank you for my new lease on life!  After 20 years of increasing problems with my hip, causing increasing difficulty in walking and constant pain, your therapy has helped tremendously.  I am now painfree and walking normally.  Two sessions with with you have done more than weeks of traditional physical therapy.  I am delighted with the results and look forward to continued improvement." – J. T.
Therapeutic Methods
Nancy is proud to share these testimonials from her clients:
"Neither surgery nor other treatments have helped with 8 years of chronic lower back pain, but Massage Therapy has opened up a whole new way for my body to heal itself.  Through Nancy's care and attention, pain has greatly diminished - and continues to do so - and flexibility is finally being restored."– J. C. 
• Swedish - Utilizes 5 basic strokes:  kneading, rolling, vibration, percussive & tapping, all flowing toward the heart.  It manipulates the soft tissues of the body to break up muscle knots called adhesions.  Oil or lotion is used.  Can be either energizing, or relaxing, depending on the pace.

• Deep Tissue - Using deeper pressure than Swedish Massage, this method effects both muscle & fascia.  A small amount of lotion or oil is used.  It helps with chronic muscular pain & injury rehabilitation, and reduces inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis.

• Myofascial - Focuses on the fascial system through sustained pressure & movement in order to eliminate fascial restrictions.  No oil or lotion are used.  Is effective in relieving cervical pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, restriction of motion, chronic pain & headaches.

Energy Work
• Reiki - Reiki, which means "sacred life force", is a hands-on energy healing art.  The practitioner lightly places their hands palms down on the client's body, and holds this position for several minutes before moving hands to another position.  It promotes well-being through relaxation and stress reduction.

• Polarity - Is based on the belief that positive and negative poles exist in every cell.  The body is gently manipulated to balance the positive & negative energies, and to stimulate energy movement where there has been stagnation.

• Clearing - By holding both intention and open-hearted acceptance, the practitioner is able to facilitate the release of imbalances in energy fields.  This method is not hands-on.

Nancy is able to be fully present with, and meet each client where they are at in their healing process.  She uses the following methods in her sessions:
"I have had many, many sessions with Nancy.  Her care and concern for her clients is obvious the minute you come into contact with her.  Her technique has both the unique qualities of energy healing and vast knowledge of the physical body. She is truly a master at her craft." – R. D.